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Naturopathic Testimonials

In March 2010, when I was going in for shoulder surgery, I turned to Dr. Smith to help me decide what supplements would help speed my recovery. He gave me a supplement to help my liver clear out the various medications I received, along with systemic enzymes to help my body repair the damaged tissues. Dr. Smith is a wealth of knowledge on how to incorporate proper nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and medicine to manage health issues and achieve prime health. On occasions that I have a medical need, Dr. Smith is one of the first sources I turn to. His understanding of both conventional and alternative medical practices shines through in his recommendations. Further, he understands that the body is not just a bunch of systems operating autonomously, but is an integrated whole and that issues in one area are often tied to issues in other areas. I can’t recommend Dr. Smith’s services highly enough, using his services myself as needed.

After 3 years of declining performances and difficulty recovering from workouts (things I had attributed to age & constant overtraining) I decided to contact “Dr. G” whom I had originally met 5-6 years ago at a kettlebell competition and whom I got to know through his posting on various fitness forums. Actually I had recently gotten married and my wife felt that age 32 it was time for me to start seeing a doctor for yearly checkups…a doctor visit had previously only been reserved for when body parts broke or tore. I chose “Dr. G” because I knew he had 1st hand experience with what I put my body through doing Crossfit and Olympic lifting and I had seen through his posts that he is completely devoted to his patients and leaves no leaf unturned in trying to help them. Also I’m a bit of a contrarian so a naturopathic doc was right up my alley. Garrett listened to my symptoms, diagnosed me rather quickly, had me tested to confirm, then put me on a program that actually worked! (I was a skeptic) The way I felt turned around in less than a month and my athletic performance followed suit within 3 months… I was restored to my previous abilities… I thought my Olympic lifting days were over but I’m now looking forward to earning my spot in the national championships for the 1st time in 3 years.

Dr. Smith is truly one with his craft. After a bout with digestion issues for an extended period, I went to see Dr. Smith. With a long and informative interview and discussion, he put me on a diet regimen, administered a probiotic routine, and gave me an enzymatic digestion aid. Outstanding results were immediately apparent and I’ve even lost a little weight with the new diet program.

Coming to Dr. Smith in October, after not having seen a Naturopath for 3-4 years (retiring-moving to PA & AZ) I was needing a lot of help! Lots of previous health situations needed to be checked out, and a new stress factor with my husband’s health problems had set in. I hurt from head to toe!

Dr. Smith and staff have been the best Naturopathic Office I have ever been to. Dr. Smith really listens, and he starts cleaning up the situation with tests, supplements (not drugs), diet and Laser. In just 3 months, I feel like a new person and I know I have a place to go when things don’t feel right.

Dr. Smith is ready to work with your needs or as generally – needs!

Really, thank you ever sooo much for being here!

Love – MG

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a digestive disease, when I was 17 years old. For the first six years, it was pretty well controlled with a common medication. When I was 23, my symptoms got very bad and I had several doctors put me on several different medications and diets that never helped. I couldn’t live a normal life. It affected my job, which I got fired from for this, and my social life.

I started acupuncture when I was 25 and I saw the first positive improvements. It helped, but I still did not feel healthy or confident enough to go out in public when I wanted. I started seeing Dr. Smith about 4 months ago and started seeing results right away. I was put on a new regimen about a month ago, which has made the largest difference in my life in the past three years. I forgot how it felt, but I have normal days where I don’t even think about the disease.

Dr. Smith not only has had given me these regimens and a lot of nutritional advice, but he also really cares about his patients and takes the time to follow up. His staff has been super helpful and caring as well. They are always available and very empathetic. I can honestly say I have seen probably close to 50 doctors for this and I have never had such a positive experience. I just hope I never have to see another doctor again.

Laser Testimonials

I was having so much pain in my hip. I couldn’t sit, walk, work or sleep without feeling this terrible pain. The MRI showed that there was a torn ligament, but the doctor said surgery wouldn’t guarantee the removal of the pain. So a friend told me about this naturopath, Dr. Smith, who could give me Laser Therapy…. after just five treatments I was completely out of pain.
E. P.

I have been an active boxer and martial artist for almost 40 years and I am still active as a USABoxing Master’s level boxer. However, there has been some wear and tear over the years of pushups, weights, kettlebells, jump rope and heavy bag sessions. One eventual result is that I suffered from medial epicondylitis in my left elbow. The pain in my elbow grew worse over time until finally I had to stop the workouts I loved. I couldn’t punch the heavy bag, clean & press a dumbbell or a kettlebell, or grip and lift any object with my left arm without severe pain. Needless to say this was a huge detriment to my quality of life and basically limited my exercise routine to running only.

I did some research and the orthodox prescription (short of surgery) was rest to let the condition heal. But the prescribed rest in some sources was upward of six months to a year! That’s a long time to be out of action fitness-wise. But I did read about one modality that had some evidence of positive results for these types of conditions and that was low level laser. And I found that this service was offered locally by Dr Garrett Smith.

After an initial consultation I went for three applications of laser therapy with a single acupuncture needle also applied. The results were remarkable. The pain was significantly reduced after the second application and after the third application was almost entirely gone for most uses of my arm. Now I’m not saying this is some miracle cure. The underlying condition still needed to heal completely over time. But I am convinced it significantly speeded up the process and almost immediately I went from being limited to about 10% of my normal workouts to being able to return to about 90%. I still avoided cleaning type movements so as not to aggravate the underlying injury during the healing process but I could definitely do pressing movements such as bench press, pushups, and overhead presses as well as, more importantly, do heavy bag workouts including HIIT intervals.

In other words after the laser treatments (three treatments over a week and a half) I went from the prospect of being able to do virtually no upper body workouts while the injury healed over time, to being able to do a full combatives workout while the injury completely healed over a much reduced time. In fact six weeks post treatment I felt ready to start back into cleaning light weights which was my last limitation. This is obviously significantly shorter than the 9 to 12 month healing period I saw called for in the literature.

I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone with stress injuries to speed healing, reduce pain, and allow a higher level and intensity of exercise to be continued during the healing process!

I was scheduled for knee surgery three weeks ago when I realized the analysis of my MRI with my orthopedic doctor didn’t convince me that it was necessary to have an ACL replacement. As someone who works in the field of oriental medicine, I feel that unless my ACL is completely torn, I should promote healing and regeneration of the structures of my knee before ever opening the joint capsule and risking degeneration. Since then I have received ten laser treatments and five knee adjustments from Dr. Smith; I’ve modified my diet, rested, and adjusted how I do my taiji and bodywork practices. Now I enjoy more stability, no pain, and look forward to resuming full enjoyment of all my treasured activities.

Last Summer I woke up during a family vacation screaming with pain radiating down my shoulder into my arm. I thought someone was stabbing me. I wasn’t sure what was going on but I had a clue that something was going on in my neck. After an MRI, I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my neck. I was prescribed very strong anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers. These drugs had minimal effectiveness as I was waking up with that excruciating pain daily.

All day long I was rubbing my neck and had pain in my arms. The pain got so unbearable that I went back to the surgeon. I scheduled an epidural steroidal shot and it still did nothing. I woke up in pain the very next day just as bad. I then went to a sports medicine doctor that prescribed me oral steroidal anti-inflammatories, still no change. Throughout this time I was seeking chiropractic care that didn’t offer me the cure either. I felt like I was going to be in pain forever.

I am a personal trainer and an avid fitness enthusiast and I could not workout for 3 months due to the pain. I made an appointment with Dr. Garrett Smith to learn about the cold-laser therapy. After the first treatment I felt something different. I wasn’t sure what it was but I felt like I had circulation in my arms again. The next morning I woke up and my pain was minimal. I continued treatment daily for 2 weeks.

At the end of 2 weeks I had my first workout in months and was waking up pain free, I felt like I got my life back. 2 months after my first treatment I pulled a Personal Record in my deadlift with no pain. I would have never thought cold laser would have helped my pain and I wish the other doctors that were giving me all of those drugs would have offered me this from the beginning. Very grateful for Dr. Smith!
D. S.

Truly, truly, truly – No one asked me to write this, but my love of others compels me to do so. Laser therapy administered by Dr. Smith is the single most aspect of my finally being absent of a toothache-like pain in my formerly broken foot.

It has amazed me that such a simple treatment was the catalyst of my walking without fear again. It further amazes me that Medicare was willing to pay for a $4000.00 bone stimulator (even though an MRI showed the bone was already healed). And yet, Medicare will not pay for laser therapy, a miniscule fraction of that cost.

It was worth the relatively small cost of those visits to Dr. Smith’s clinic for laser healing (I prefer to call it what it is) if only to have my spirits lifted after so much pain and inconvenience. I’m so grateful that someone I love very much told me where to find this.

Dear Dr. Smith,
My last treatment was April 2nd and I just want you to know that I am mostly pain free and able to walk again. I still have issues with muscles that were not used for several years, but other than that I am moving and doing things that I could not do before treatment. I have encountered several people that knew how much pain I was in before seeing you and they have all asked for your information, which I have provided. Many of my close friends cannot believe the change they have seen in the way I walk, etc. I say it’s a “Miracle”. Everyday I give thanks for being put in you knowledgeable hands.

I hobbled into Dr. Smith’s office bent over in pain after five months of dealing with a post whiplash type injury. I am an RN who was use to managing everything you threw at me. This situation was new to me. I was there for the laser but I got so much more. I didn’t even know what a Naturopath was but after canceling speaking engagements, my colleague sent me for laser. Dr. Smith was intelligent, a listener and most important at the time, helped me through my fear this pain was never going away. He was much more than the laser. One year later, I am a whole inch taller and addressing a cadre of health issues what to traditional medicine are minor but could be major later. Dr. Smith is now part of my health care team. I have a traditional MD, a wholistic dentist, a nurse practioner and a chiropractor. As we all need to become the captain of our own healthcare, I can recommend Dr. Smith for your team.

Weight Loss

Dr. Smith and his staff are extremely professional. I was comfortable with the entire process. I needed a kickstart to lose 15 pounds to achieve my ideal weight. I was extremely happy to lose 7 pounds and 10+ inches. I am on my way to my ideal weight. Many thanks!

For over a year now, I’ve worked with Dr. Smith and he has been nothing but exceptional. His latest addition to his practice is simply amazing. The shake makes me feel energetic and satisfied throughout the day. I’ve also noticed I can eat less and sleep better. This is definitely a powerful tool for weight loss and general health and I highly recommend it to everyone.